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Israeli Intelligence Claims Iran Hides Weapons Among Syrian Civilians

Jerusalem, September 19, 2023,

Israeli intelligence claims Iran’s elite combat force, the Imam Hossein Division operating within Syria, has been surreptitiously storing advanced weaponry in residential neighborhoods and soccer fields.

According to reports from WallaNews, the force — linked to the Quds Force of Iran’s Revolutionary Guards (IRGC), comprised of 1,000 seasoned weaponry experts equipped with an extensive arsenal of drones and missiles, has been actively engaged in Syria, where it has also integrated 5,000 foreign fighters into its ranks.

The foreign mercenary fighters, hailing mainly from Nigeria, Mali, Niger, Lebanon, and Afghanistan, were recruited, and trained for their roles, primarily geared towards religious warfare, added the report.

In exchange for their service, they receive monthly salaries in the hundreds of dollars, along with access to cutting-edge weaponry.

The division’s operational structure comprises 5,000 mobile fighters who are mainly active in regions between Aleppo, Homs, and along the Turkish border. They are tasked with combating local resistance pockets opposing the Assad regime within various cities.

Over the past year, the Imam Hossein Division has been consolidating its infrastructure and establishing headquarters in and around Damascus. Additionally, the division has conducted several operations against Israel.

The IDF’s intelligence branch is closely monitoring the activities of the heavily armed Iranian militia, particularly for any plans that may pose a direct threat to Israel, read the report.

Source- Iran International

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