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Israel Warns Hamas Against Attacks During Jewish Holidays

Jerusalem, September 11, 2023,

Senior Israeli security officials warned Hamas through mediators that any escalation in the West Bank or the Gaza Strip during the Jewish holidays next week would be met with force.


The official Israeli Broadcasting Corporation said that the security services in Israel are preparing to confront and thwart attack operations estimated at approximately 200 warnings per day.

Security concerns prompted officials to warn Hamas against attempts to attack or launch rockets.

Israel said it would hold Hamas responsible for any attacks from Gaza or the West Bank during Jewish holidays and respond to any attacks forcefully and with a possible military operation.

However, Israel is preparing for an expected escalation that may become a multi-front confrontation during next week’s Jewish holidays.

Israeli media said that the security establishment decided to raise the state of high alert during the holidays, increasing the number of warnings of Palestinian attacks.

Kan channel confirmed that the security apparatus decided to increase the army’s activity in the West Bank on the eve of the Jewish holidays and is preparing for an escalation in several arenas.

Israeli security officials believe the escalation will begin in the West Bank and may spread to Gaza and Lebanon.

The Israeli army is training for a multi-front confrontation scenario that could include a confrontation with Gaza, Lebanon, Syria, and Iran.

Defense Minister Yoav Gallant on Thursday warned groups “not to test” Israel during the upcoming Jewish holiday season and vowed a “crushing” response if they launch attacks.

“We are in a complex security period in all the areas, especially in [the West Bank] and surrounding Jerusalem,” Gallant said during an assessment with senior military and defense officials.

“To make sure that the citizens of Israel will get through the holiday season safely, the defense establishment is being widely deployed, in intelligence, in the protection of the roads and settlements, and operations to foil operatives and those who send them,” he said.

Source-Asharq Al-Awsat

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