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ISIS And Al-Nusra Terrorists Appear In Manbij Attack

On Sep 6, 2023; Syria

Today, media outlets affiliated with Turkish-backed armed groups have published footage and photos of the terrorists who attacked Manbij. These terrorists have identified themselves as tribal fighters. However, what is even more concerning is that they are seen wearing badges associated with ISIS.
As we previously indicated these so-called tribal fighters are, in reality, former members of al-Nusra and ISIS terrorists, who are now resurging under a different guise. Additionally, they are using vehicles belonging to the Turkish-backed SNA. This revelation further underscores the potential threat they pose to the stability and security of the region and proves the ISIS-Turkish SNA relationship we exposed earlier.
We have attached the video and photos that clearly show these terrorists wearing ISIS-associated badges. We believe it is crucial to share this evidence with public opinion.

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