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Fearing Israeli Attack, Hezbollah Pulls Forces From Damascus, Reports Says

Tel Aviv, December 12, 2022, Hezbollah has pulled its forces from Damascus and Aleppo fearing an Israeli attack, Syrian Observatory for Human Rights reported on Sunday.

According to the London-based organization, the Lebanese group has moved ammunition and weapons to other positions southwest of the Syrian capital.

This follows reports by Syrian opposition groups about an Israeli air strike against Syrian and Iranian radars and anti-aircraft systems near Tel Kalib in the Al-Suwayda region on Saturday night. One opposition group claimed the aircraft dropped leaflets in Arabic warning Syrian soldiers not to cooperate with Hezbollah.

According to reports, the leaflets said: “Commanders and soldiers of the Syrian Army, time and time again you bear the responsibility for the damage caused as a result of your choices. Hezbollah’s continued presence in Tel Kalib and your continued cooperation with them in any shape or form will not be tolerated. Hezbollah’s presence brings you nothing but defeat and humiliation, and you continue to pay the price. If you choose to support the oppressor, you are bound to eventually suffer.”

Source- The Haaretz

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